b. 1988 Sentani, Papua, Indonesia

Ignasius Dicky Takndare, better known as Dicky was born on June 6, 1988 in Sentani, Papua. At the age of 12, Dicky studied at the Khembili Art Studio. He was trained the basics of painting that led him to explore realism techniques.He went on to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts ISI Yogyakarta in 2006.

Dicky initiated the establishment of the Eastern Student Family Association (IKMT) of ISI Yogyakarta in 2012, a community that brings together young artists from Eastern Indonesia such as Papua, Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi. He has always been fascinated with the Renaissance realist artists such as Rembrandt and Ruben.

An individual who loves to explore and push boundaries, Dicky cleverly combines strong realist technique with pop art and until recently, wood carving. While back in Papua, he managed to pick up the traditional wood carving technique, an art form that is slowly eroding away due to religion and modernization. Through his artworks, he seeks to bring back and conserve his traditional Papuan heritage. 

Dicky won the UOB Painting of the Year competition for the Emerging Artist category in 2016.



International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Taiwan– Finalist

10 Hottest Young Indonesian Artist, Detik.com Version
UOB Painting of the Year 2016, Indonesia – Most Promising Young Artist

“Panorama Nusantara” National Drawing Competition, National Gallery of Indonesia – 1st Prize

“Dekat Dengan Alam” National Painting Competition, FIF Honda’s Birthday 
– 2nd Prize

Painting Assignment, The Faculty of Fine Arts, ISI Yogyakarta – Best Work from Class 2006

Jayapura Painting Competition, Indonesian Republic Air Force Anniversary – 1st Prize

Jayapura Painting Competition, Sentani Indah Hotel Anniversary – 2nd Prize



Memoria Passionis Papua” Final Project Painting Exhibition, Indonesia Fine Art Institute, Yogyakarta



Art Busan, Art Xchange Gallery, BEXCO Exhibition Center, Korea
“Fish Out of Water” Exhibition, Art Xchange Gallery, Jakarta

Art Expo Malaysia, Art Xchange Gallery, MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Art Jakarta, Art Xchange Gallery, The Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta
Grand Opening of Art Xchange Gallery, Jakarta
Yogya Annual Art #3 “Positioning”, Sangkring Art Project, Yogyakarta
“Pressing Matters” Project by Kevin van Braak, Framer Framed, Amsterdam, Netherland
“Colorful” Netrajapu Group Exhibition, Bumayasasta Gallery, Borobudur

“Atmosphere” Netrajapu Group Exhibition, Yogyakarta Cultural Heritage
Art Revolution Taipei 2017, Taiwan
“REST AREA” National Fine Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta
“ART-TIVITIES NOW” Fine Art Exhibition, Breeze Art Space, Serpong, Tangerang

“UOB Painting of the Year South East Asia 2016”, UOB Gallery, Singapore
“UOB Painting of the Year 2016”, Cipoetra Mall, Jakarta
“Remahili” Painting Exhibition, Yogyakarta Cultural Heritage
“Perupa Muda” Painting Exhibition, Bale Banjar Sangkring, Yogyakarta

“Menuntut Ilmu Sampai Kemana” Painting Exhibition, Pendopo Agung Taman Siswa, Yogyakarta
“Die Fatalist” Dies Mortalis Painting Exhibition, ISI Yogyakarta

“Wajah Baru” Art Exhibition, Pendhapa Art Space, Yogyakarta
“Dari Debu Kembali ke Alam” Art Exhibition, Soetopo Gallery, ISI Yogyakarta

“Hikayat Rupa” Art Exhibition, Riau Cultural Centre
Bank Papua Yogyakarta Launching Art Exhibition, Yogyakarta
“Coffeelicious, Behind a Cup of Coffee” Art Exhibition, Coffee Talk Art Space, Yogyakarta
“Journey to the East” Eastern Indonesia Time Art Exhibition, Yogyakarta Cultural Park
“Menyapa” Fine Art Exhibition, Malaysia

“Hydro Pirates” Visual Art Exhibition, Tempat Kencink Festival 4, ISI Gallery, Yogyakarta
“Think Talk Thanks”Art Exhibition, ISI Gallery, Yogyakarta

“Imaji Ornamen” National Fine Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta
“Kreativitas di Antara Gunung dan Samudera” Yogyakarta Art Festival Art Exhibition, ISI Gallery, Yogyakarta

“Legend Syndrome” Art Exhibition, Tempat Kencink Festival III, Fine Art Space CafeBale

“Abrakadabra, Magic of Art” Art Exhibition, Tempat Kencink Festival, Vredeburg Castle, Yogyakarta
“Artmaugetdown” Art Exhibition, Yogyakarta Cultural Park
“Dari Dialektiva Kreativa Menuju Ekselensia Estetika Dunia” Dies Natalis XXV ISI Yogyakarta Fine Art Exhibition, ISI Gallery, Yogyakarta

“Unity of Art” Visual Art Exhibition, Yogyakarta Cultural Park

“Pesta Budaya Papua” Fine Art Exhibition, Papua Cultural Park